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A Bit About Me

MBA: Marketing
BS: Information Technology  Digital


Marketing Director, Creative Director, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager,  Digital Designer, Freelance Marketing Specialist, Cannabis Marketing & Social Media


As a seasoned Director of Marketing and Creative Director, I bring a unique blend of analytical acumen and creative flair to the table. My approach involves seamlessly merging compelling narratives and storytelling with effective social media marketing tools and insights. This fusion results in the development of comprehensive and impactful marketing campaigns spanning diverse platforms. Leveraging a profound understanding of design principles and narratives, I strategically target demographics and psychographics to propel growth in specific markets.


My leadership style is characterized by inclusivity, valuing team input, fostering dynamic thinking, and delivering innovative messaging. I recognize the significance of establishing connections that transcend product features, placing emphasis on cultivating secondary and tertiary connections. By tapping into branding and narrative engagement at a psychological and emotional level, I aim to create lasting connections with clients and consumers.

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