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Innovative Marketing and Creative Director with over two decades of experience crafting engaging brand experiences across various platforms. I possess a unique blend of creative flair and strategic thinking, enabling me to conceptualize and execute high-impact marketing campaigns. I have a proven ability to lead cross-functional teams, fostering collaboration and creativity to deliver exceptional results. My expertise includes brand development, digital marketing, social media strategy, and content creation. Experienced in managing budgets and timelines, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within scope. I thrive on staying ahead of industry trends and leveraging emerging technologies to create innovative and memorable marketing initiatives. Dedicated to driving brand success by combining creativity with data-driven insights.

Work Experience

2023 - Present

The Babb Group, Inc

Director of Marketing

• Collaborated with COO on innovative paid media campaigns, enhancing brand differentiation and attracting qualified program prospects.
• Developed and managed Marketing Team projects, aligning goals, metrics, and workflows with brand identity.
• Directed strategy, execution, and reporting of paid marketing efforts, ensuring alignment with business objectives.
• Implemented and monitored diverse marketing programs, including email, social media, and digital campaigns, using digital tools and SEO techniques.
• Conducted thorough market research and trend analysis to uncover new marketing opportunities.
• Created marketing materials like ad copy and product collateral, ensuring brand consistency.
• Worked closely with internal teams to optimize strategic marketing initiatives and organic activities.
• Analyzed campaign performance and KPIs, offering data-driven optimization recommendations.
• Collaborated with external agencies and vendors to execute effective marketing programs.
• Provided financial impact analysis for SEO projects and allocated media spend across channels.
• Conducted return on ad spend analyses in collaboration with internal teams.
• Developed style guides, brand standards, and content calendars for omni-channel campaigns.
• Led integrated communications strategy to promote company products and services.
• Managed content marketing, including SEO, online presence, and social media.
• Led customer-focused content campaigns across print, digital, and social media.
• Wrote and edited copy, press releases, and articles to maintain brand consistency.
• Cultivated relationships with external partners, including media, influencers, and vendors.
• Maintained brand identity and visual language across marketing channels.
• Evaluated performance of communications and content activities to ensure goal achievement.
• Managed budgeting and forecasting for marketing content and communications initiatives.

2022 - 2023

Edison Awards

Freelance Content Marketing & Social Media 

• Developed digital collateral and assets for social media, email marketing, Google Ads, and omni-channel pipelines using Photoshop, Canva, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Creative Suite.
• Supported stakeholders in devising effective marketing plans, budgets, and agendas to achieve company objectives, emphasizing strong ROIs, ROAs, and KPIs.
• Crafted personalized and engaging email marketing strategies to enhance reach, increase nomination submissions, and boost event attendance, fostering relationships and partnerships to enhance brand awareness.
• Conducted research to identify growth areas and marketing methodologies through A/B testing and demographic sampling, driving expansion of reach and growth via omni-channel marketing approaches.
• Leveraged Social Ad and Google Ad buys targeting highly specific demographics and keywords, incorporating engaging design and copywriting elements that resulted in strong CTA results.
• Collaborated with stakeholders and marketing teammates to introduce innovative ideas and modern design elements to the company, utilizing expertise in graphic design, motion graphics, and video editing/creation.
• Analyzed and optimized paid marketing ads using platform-specific dashboards, Google Analytics, HubSpot Metrics, and marketing analytics reports.
• Established and maintained scalable processes to ensure best practices in campaign and lean management, streamlining marketing pipelines.
• Evaluated new technologies and platforms to improve and optimize performance and results.
• Conducted regular meetings with company leadership to report status on all marketing-related projects, pipelines, analytics and metrics, budgets, and overall performance goals.
• Created and implemented successful social media campaigns to enhance brand awareness and loyalty.
• Produced engaging content for website and social media outlets.
• Assisted in the development of promotional materials and marketing collateral.

2022 - 2023

Wacom International

Demand Generation Manager

• Developed and executed short- and long-term multi-channel enterprise campaigns to drive leads.
• Led A/B testing strategies and execution across all channels to optimize performance.
• Monitored and optimized campaigns and programs to ensure maximum effectiveness.
• Leveraged customer personas to understand buying preferences and tailor marketing strategies accordingly.
• Demonstrated a deep understanding of company products, designs, and consumers from an enterprise level perspective.
• Assisted in content development targeting enterprise clients throughout the customer lifecycle.
• Collaborated with digital marketing professionals and cross-functional teams to develop and enhance strategies, fostering effective pipelines.
• Identified new markets and advertising tactics to stimulate business growth.
• Secured buy-in and budget support from senior leadership and stakeholders.
• Measured and analyzed campaign and marketing successes, delivering performance reports to leadership, and meeting KPIs and budgets quarterly.
• Supported and delivered elements of company enterprise content marketing initiatives.
• Tracked campaigns and programs throughout the marketing and sales pipeline to ensure alignment with objectives.
• Created, developed, and executed email campaigns, both conventional and automated, to engage target audiences effectively.
• Developed Video Segments in Final Cut Pro from Webinars for Content-Driven Campaigns and Collateral.

2021 - 2022

Engage by Cell

Marketing Specialist

• Created Email Marketing Strategies to increase sales leads, while developing new marketing content to expand reach and engagements.
• Focused on B2B Marketing through Google Ads, Social Media, and Email Campaigns.
• Researched data points and lead lists in HubSpot, Constant Contact, & Google Analytics, utilizing highly targeted design elements with focused CTAs, demographics, personas, and psychographic data.
• Coordinated marketing plans, social media marketing calendars, copy, and collateral in Canva, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro to target leads and personas through unified campaigns derived from demographics, insights, data, and metrics.
• Identified growth areas and marketing opportunities with A/B testing and demographic sampling to expand reach and lead growth across all marketing ecosystems.
• Collaborated with CEO and stakeholders to create engaging content that drives leads and growth, both paid and organically, while focusing on ROI and KPIs.
• Leveraged Social Ad and Google Ad buys with highly targeted demographics and keywords, along with engaging design and copy elements.

2019 - 2022

Senior Helpers

Marketing Specialist

• Developed content for social media campaigns through video (Final Cut), digital design (Canva/Photoshop), copywriting/blog content, and print pamphlets (InDesign).
• Coordinated designs, graphics, videos, and copy to optimize and leverage current events, pop culture, and news stories to elevate brand positioning.
• Identified growth opportunities by conducting market research and regularly analyzing campaign data.
• Utilized A/B testing, dynamic ads, and graphic design to increase traffic and sales.
• Leveraged Keywords and KPIs to increase site traffic and client consultations.
• Increased client engagement by analyzing online traffic using SMM, Google Analytics Google Ads, and Facebook Business Manager.
• Developed and implemented marketing strategies that increased brand recognition and drove revenue growth for the company.
• Designed and managed campaigns across multiple digital channels including social media, email, and website.
• Analyzed and monitored customer data to gain insights into customer behaviors and preferences.
• Stayed up-to-date on industry trends and best practices to ensure optimal results from campaigns.
• Analyzed SEO performance, conducted marketing research on competitor sites, and identified refinements to web copy and design.
• Crafted marketing copy for social media posts and email marketing campaigns


2015 - 2021

Donarus Marketing

Head of Marketing

• Crafted strategic plans to integrate and launch social media campaigns, driving business growth for clients.
• Produced content for social media campaigns encompassing video (Final Cut), digital design (Canva/Photoshop), copywriting/blog content, and print pamphlets (InDesign).
• Identified growth opportunities through comprehensive market research and ongoing analysis of campaign data.
• Implemented A/B testing, dynamic ads, and graphic design techniques to enhance traffic and sales.
• Utilized Keywords and KPIs to augment site traffic and increase client consultations.
• Enhanced client engagement by analyzing online traffic using SMM, Google Analytics Google Ads, and Facebook Business Manager.
• Coordinated media plans and materials, overseeing placement and design strategies.
• Spearheaded end-to-end advertising campaigns, from concept creation to copywriting.
• Developed innovative content marketing strategies and social media campaigns, resulting in heightened brand awareness and customer engagement.
• Authored, edited, and published content across multiple platforms, including blogs, websites, emails, and social media.
• Monitored analytics and website traffic to gauge campaign success and pinpoint areas for improvement.
• Ensured alignment of content marketing and social media goals with overall company objectives through collaboration with other departments.
• Conducted in-depth research on industry trends and competitors to inform content marketing strategies.
• Achieved notable improvements in key performance metrics:
• Increased Email Marketing Open rates by 22.3% in 3 months.
• Elevated Social Media Engagement by 15% in 6 months.
• Enhanced brand awareness by 12% through the creation of Style Guides and Branding Voice.
• Built, managed, and developed a Marketing team of 25 personnel, providing coaching, mentorship, and performance evaluations, while fostering inclusive work cultures for clients.


2019 - 2022

Blenddy App

Head of Social Media

• Spearheaded strategic campaign planning and execution to significantly increase client engagement rates.
• Demonstrated expertise in navigating restrictions and regulations within Cannabis Marketing, devising innovative strategies to drive growth despite limitations.
• Led content and social media efforts to develop compelling marketing material aimed at enhancing conversions and fostering brand loyalty.
• Managed all aspects of planning, tracking, and reporting on a weekly basis to ensure campaign effectiveness.
• Enhanced brand awareness through meticulous analysis of campaign data, optimizing for direct conversions.
• Developed SEO-optimized content to amplify digital presence and position clients as industry experts.
• Pioneered the development of a successful online presence for Blenddy, resulting in notable increases in brand awareness and website traffic.
• Managed various social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
• Devised and implemented strategies to engage customers, boost brand awareness, and drive website traffic.
• Monitored and analyzed social media metrics to refine campaigns and devise improvement strategies.
• Created content calendars, authored blog posts, designed infographics, and orchestrated email marketing campaigns.
• Collaborated cross-functionally to ensure content was optimized for SEO.
• Leveraged user data analysis to identify trends and insights for informed decision-making.
• Guided new initiatives to increase app downloads, resulting in a 23% rise in downloads and a 62% surge in website traffic.

2020 - 2022

Valet Custom Cabinets & Closets

Digital Marketing Manager

• Developed comprehensive global marketing strategies to elevate brand positioning and awareness, driving lead generation and sales growth.
• Designed digital content for diverse online and print marketing outlets, employing highly targeted approaches and metrics to maximize reach and ROI.
• Collaborated closely with stakeholders to craft compelling digital and print content that engaged clients and industry partners, resulting in increased sales and market positioning.
• Orchestrated marketing plans and social media calendars for all campaigns, meticulously targeting specific demographics through insightful metrics and psychographics.
• Identified and capitalized on growth opportunities across traditional marketing channels, industry platforms, and social media outlets.
• Enhanced website SEO scores and leveraged Google Ads and Analytics to precisely target potential clients.
• Created branded design elements ranging from memes to full-page ad designs, ensuring consistent visual identity.
• Directed photographers and videographers to capture high-quality raw content.
• Edited and designed video content for various digital platforms, showcasing high-quality designs and products.
• Developed and targeted clients with engaging newsletters and content to drive interactions.
• Achieved a 40% increase in website traffic, leading to a 20% rise in conversions.
• Utilized A/B testing and data-driven techniques to develop highly targeted campaigns, resulting in a 35% increase in lead conversions and $1.5M in pipeline revenue.
• Attained impressive open rates of 54.2% and click rates of 16.5% for email newsletters, along with a 35% improvement in engagement across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
• Conducted competitor research to refine digital campaigns, aligning marketing initiatives with target audiences.
• Oversaw successful social media marketing campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, driving brand awareness and lead generation for emerging product lines.

2019 - 2020

Code for Fun

Marketing Manager

• Developed comprehensive marketing strategies to drive student enrollment and expand into new territories.
• Led account managers in creating impactful digital and print content tailored to engage students and parents based on specific demographics and territories.
• Coordinated marketing plans and social media calendars for all programs, targeting specific demographics using insights and metrics.
• Identified growth opportunities in traditional marketing areas, nonprofit channels, and social media platforms.
• Designed digital content for various digital and publication outlets to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
• Managed website development projects and workflow in collaboration with website developers.
• Executed successful marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and recognition.
• Spearheaded marketing campaigns to effectively reach target markets and drive sales.
• Implemented SEO techniques to enhance website traffic and online presence.
• Analyzed marketing data to identify trends and generate actionable insights.
• Developed creative content for email campaigns, social media, and website platforms.
• Collaborated with internal teams to ensure successful implementation of marketing campaigns.
• Monitored industry trends and competitors' activities to stay ahead of the competition.
• Conducted competitor research to refine digital campaigns and align marketing initiatives with target audiences.
• Wrote, edited, and distributed content across various communication platforms, including web, PR, advertising, social media, and sales support materials.


2011 - 2018

Metalluminati, LLC


• Established and built a Marketing, Management, and Touring Company from inception, orchestrating and managing 23+ musical tours globally. Handled sound and stage teams, fostering robust relationships with music industry stakeholders from labels to event venues.
• Spearheaded digital marketing strategies that contributed to garnering over 385,923 YouTube views and 1,110 Subscribers. Executed tasks on the go, maintaining productivity while traveling.
• Pioneered processes for producing music videos on tour, generating digital photography, and crafting interviews for various publications.
• Authored and published articles for magazines worldwide while pursuing online education concurrently.
• Founded and scaled a successful startup, demonstrating proficiency in business development, product development, and marketing.
• Developed and executed business strategies and plans to attain organizational objectives and milestones.
• Cultivated and managed relationships with vendors, partners, and investors, ensuring streamlined operations.
• Negotiated contracts with vendors, partners, and clients, ensuring mutually beneficial agreements.
• Maintained financial stability through meticulous budgeting, forecasting, and financial management.
• Formulated customer acquisition strategies to expand the customer base and enhance brand recognition.
• Orchestrated and managed marketing campaigns to augment brand awareness and drive sales.
• Led and mentored a team of 5 employees, fostering a collaborative and innovative work environment.
• Oversaw 84 projects valued between $120k to $250k, supervising dynamic artist teams consisting of tour managers, stage managers, and artists. Ensured adherence to touring schedules and budget constraints, collaborating with artists from diverse backgrounds.
• Effectively communicated with a diverse range of artists and staff, fostering rapport and long-term relationships. Built trust with venue owners, artists, and record labels worldwide.

2013 - 2015

The Metal Review

Creative Director

• Formulated a comprehensive content strategy to enhance engagement and elevate brand visibility.
• Directly facilitated the growth of social media followings, group engagement, and content design elements, driving increased audience interaction.
• Orchestrated seamless integration of business management concepts with design and content pipelines, collaborating with artists, writers, film directors, record labels, and industry stakeholders.
• Crafted brand style guides and pipelines, establishing video interview best practices and captivating motion graphic sequences.
• Fostered collaborative relationships with musical artists and stakeholders to conceptualize and produce compelling content.
• Provided visionary leadership for several large-scale projects, resulting in substantial growth in brand recognition.
• Conceptualized creative campaigns, contributing to amplified market share and enhanced customer loyalty.
• Managed creative teams, offering guidance and direction to ensure the successful execution of projects.
• Ensured alignment between creative solutions and corporate objectives through effective collaboration with internal teams.
• Developed and implemented brand guidelines to maintain consistency and uphold quality standards.
• Generated creative briefs and delivered constructive feedback to creative teams, ensuring successful project outcomes.
• Collaborated with creative teams and client marketing departments to identify optimal customer solutions, drive new business growth, and leverage immersive technologies.
• Cultivated a culture of collaboration and creativity across the company, shaping a unique feel and vibe for readers and viewers.
• Oversaw 30+ projects and marketing initiatives, resulting in a 34% increase in visibility and brand awareness. This success led to a surge in record label and artist interview requests, boosting engagement by 52%.


2012 - 2014

HEAVY Music Magazine

Content Marketing Manager

• Formulated writing guidelines to establish publishing tone and brand voice, ensuring consistency and alignment with brand identity.
• Devised innovative design and content strategies to enhance brand visibility and engagement, utilizing cutting-edge methods and publishing designs.
• Developed comprehensive style guides and branding designs for utilization across all platforms and collaborative projects.
• Provided editorial oversight for content creators and contributors, ensuring alignment of stories with the needs of record labels and artists for PR firms.
• Authored engaging content articles for publication in both the physical magazine and online platforms.
• Planned and executed successful content marketing strategies targeting specific personas and demographics.
• Produced and coordinated video, social media, and written content for online platforms, maximizing audience engagement and reach.
• Managed the creation, distribution, and tracking of newsletters, press releases, and other promotional materials.
• Conducted thorough research to identify target audiences and tailored content to resonate with their preferences.
• Supervised a team of content writers and editors, providing guidance and support to optimize content quality and effectiveness.
• Developed and managed content marketing budgets, meticulously tracking marketing performance to ensure optimal resource allocation and ROI.

2007 - 2011

Spiral Edge


  • • Recruited to establish and lead a Sales & Marketing Department comprising 16 employees across 4 territories and a wholesale product line, starting from inception.
    • Pioneered a department culture centered on team cohesion, target attainment, and fostering enduring customer relationships.
    • Developed comprehensive Policies and Procedures Manuals and conducted training programs for Marketing, Sales & Wholesale divisions, ensuring operational excellence and consistency.
    • Spearheaded the creation of a customization department for tailored products and branded apparel, enhancing the company's product offerings and revenue streams.
    • Achieved $1M in sales in the inaugural year, consistently driving 100% annual growth through strategic marketing assessments, mentorship, and expansion of sales team outreach.
    • Reported directly to the CEO, representing the company at trade shows, swim events, and collaborative ventures with industry giants like Nike, TYR, and Speedo.
    • Cultivated robust partnerships with the US Olympic Team in Colorado, leveraging relationships with US Olympic athletes as brand ambassadors and sponsors.
    • Demonstrated proficiency in implementing effective recruitment, retention, and succession planning strategies, fostering a high-performance organizational culture.
    • Possess extensive expertise in organizational development, employee performance management, and training and development initiatives.
    • Track record of designing and executing successful marketing campaigns aligned with organizational objectives.
    • Skilled in conceptualizing, launching, and managing social media campaigns to enhance brand visibility and engagement.
    • Proficient in website management, SEO, SEM, and content marketing strategies.
    • Experienced in crafting marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and presentations to support brand initiatives.
    • Passionate about staying abreast of digital marketing trends and best practices to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

2001 - 2003

Gray's Paint

Outside Sales

• Devised and executed effective sales strategies to target new clientele and expand existing accounts, resulting in substantial revenue growth.
• Conducted product demonstrations and delivered persuasive presentations to both prospective and established clients, highlighting the value proposition of our offerings.
• Negotiated contracts with customers and suppliers, ensuring mutually advantageous agreements were reached.
• Proactively pursued new business opportunities through a combination of cold calling, networking, and active participation in trade shows.
• Cultivated enduring relationships with clients, prioritizing customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty.
• Solicited and leveraged customer feedback to gain insights into their evolving needs and preferences, thereby identifying avenues for generating additional sales.
• Formulated and executed territory and account plans to drive sales expansion and optimize profitability.
• Analyzed sales data to evaluate the effectiveness of sales initiatives and pinpoint areas for enhancement.
• Consistently met or exceeded monthly and quarterly sales targets set by the company.
• Collaborated with the outside sales team and sales manager to refine the sales pitch, enhance upselling techniques, and optimize overall sales strategy.
• Provided comprehensive customer service and sales support to contractors and territories, encompassing client development, site inspections, job quoting, product recommendations, resolution of product failures, on-site product delivery, color matching, expertise in industrial coatings, and incorporation of interior design elements into color schemes.


Kelly-Moore Paints

Store Manager

• Directed the day-to-day operations of a retail store, overseeing sales, customer service, inventory management, and staffing to ensure smooth functioning.
• Formulated and executed strategies to boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive profitability, resulting in significant revenue growth.
• Supervised a team of up to 10 employees, offering leadership and mentorship to foster a culture of excellence in customer service.
• Established and enforced clear operational policies and procedures aligned with corporate standards, ensuring consistency and efficiency.
• Cultivated strong relationships with vendors, customers, and stakeholders to drive business growth and maintain customer loyalty.
• Promptly addressed and resolved customer concerns and complaints in a courteous and professional manner, maintaining customer satisfaction.
• Orchestrated promotional activities and special events to stimulate foot traffic and increase sales volume.
• Spearheaded training initiatives aimed at improving product knowledge and sales skills among team members, leading to a substantial increase in sales and elevating the store's classification by $10M, advancing two classification rankings.
• Collaborated closely with the district manager to oversee various aspects of store operations, including inventory control, sales projections, staffing schedules, and customer service enhancements.
• Interfaced with customers on a daily basis to deliver superior service and address any issues or inquiries promptly and effectively.

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2015 - 2017

Master's of Business Administration (MBA)

University of Phoenix

International Marketing

• Human Capital Management
• Operations & Organizational Leadership
• Quantitative Reasoning for Business
• Business Law
• Economics, Accounting, & Corporate Finance


• Applied Business Research & Statistics
• Integrated Marketing Communications
• Strategic Planning and Implementation
• Technology Applications & E-Marketing
• Advanced International Marketing
• Product Development & Design

2012 - 2015

University of Phoenix

Bachelor's of Science (BS)

2012 - 2015

Academy of Art University

• Algorithms & Logic in Computer Programming
• Web Design
• Technical & Content Writing
• Operating Systems & Machine Language
• Business Systems & Development
• Project Planning & Implementation
• Engineering & Statistics For Computer Programming


• Database & Network Concepts
• Java & Javascript Programing
• Advanced HTML & CSS
• Web Development
• Information Security
• Web Commercialization
• Mobile Commerce & App Development

• Media Aesthetics
• History of Visual FX & Animation
• 3D Modeling & Animation (Maya)
• Advanced Film Editing (Final Cut Pro)
• Color & Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)


• Motion Graphics (After Effects, Motion)

• Advanced Acting for Animation

• Digital Environments & Vector Mapping

• Directing for Film & Animation

Information Technology in Web Development

Associates Degree

Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics, & Special Fx

2002 - 2005

College of San Mateo


Broadcast Journalism

• Television Production
• Radio Production
• Sound Design/Editing
• Television Editing
• History of Broadcasting
• Lighting Design


• Camera Operator
• Technical Director
• Directing/Producing
• Story & Script Development
• Screen Writing

1990 - 1992

Foothill College


Music Management

• Music Theory
• Music Management
• Music Distribution Channels
• Publishing Law


• Entertainment Law
• Booking & Touring Management
• Music History
• Music Mixing & Mastering

Skills & Expertise

  • SEO Writing

  • Content Writing

  • Content Strategy

  • HubSpot Trained

  • Act-On Trained

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • B2B Social Media & Marketing

  • Account Management

  • Relationship Building & Development

  • Constant Contact & MailChimp Trained

  • Video Editing & Design

  • Canva Trained

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Development

  • Color Psychology and Pantone Trained

  • Strategic Management & Planning

  • Strategic Product Campaign Development

  • Management

  • Research Development

  • Psychographic Marketing 

  • ROI & KPI Metric Reporting

  • Persona Development

  • SEO Management & Development

  • Google Analytics & Adwords

  • Microsoft Office Suite

  • Google Docs & Suite

  • Copywriting & Blog Writing 

  • Photography and Product Rendering

  • Creative Strategy

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