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Personal Profile

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As a dynamic Director of Marketing, I bring a unique blend of skills and experiences to add value to any company. With extensive training in Adobe Creative Suites and Final Cut Pro, I am proficient in design elements, color theory, video editing, and motion graphics. My analytical mindset enables me to leverage AI, analytics, and market insights to develop effective marketing strategies and adapt them based on real-time dashboard analytics and market research.

Whether serving as a creative director, marketing specialist, or editor, I am passionate about my work and have a track record of delivering exceptional results. I have successfully collaborated with diverse clientele, including major film studios and international artists, creating 8K video edits and music videos. With a forward-thinking and innovative approach, I excel in niche industries and thrive in both team environments and leadership roles.

Beyond my professional achievements, I have a passion for the outdoors, swimming, music, and the arts, which fuel my creativity in all aspects of my work. Having traveled extensively throughout North America, I appreciate the balance between qualitative and quantitative thinking, allowing me to maximize the impact of marketing and content creation.

Summary Of Industries


With more than two decades in the music industry, I have seen the various changes and challenges that face artists in the industry. I started a business to help manage, market, and book musical artists from around the world. Booking, managing, marketing and traveling as head of the touring company with bands from around the world. Published in a number of industry publications, magazines and blogs, while interviewing touring bands, hosting them, and marketing/managing them in all aspects of their careers. With connections across the globe in music media, labels, and venues around the world, I have maximized and flourished in this industry for a long time, all while working to get my MBA in between.



I have extensive background in marketing and social media, as well as understanding brand positioning, design, and marketing channels that are outside the normal parameters; having worked in competitive industries such as music, arts, E-commerce, sports, and technology industries. I am also a firm believer in communication and community. I am a naturalist at heart, and spend my free time hiking and traveling in nature.



I have worked in the private education sector, helping kids to learn coding and technology to increase their future achievements through STEAM and STEM programs. Working with private tutors and technology educators to help young kids learn coding, science and math to become more advanced at an early age so they can be recruited by technology sector high schools and colleges.



I was a manager and outside sales rep for a paint company for a number of years, and worked with contractors on job sites from the ground up. Recently, I have been working for a custom cabinet company called Valet Custom, doing content marketing for this local company. This means using an active voice for high end manufacturing and design, while creating video tours, video content and and marketing materials that leverage unique marketing ideas out outlets.



I have also worked in the Non-Profit sector, understanding the needs of fundraising, leveraging Giving Tuesday and donors, along with working to deliver on mission statements to gain traction in the market. Non-Profits are unique businesses that require unique metrics and reporting to the board of directors.



I have an extensive network of Cannabis related connections in the industry, having worked with Trog (Australian Cannabis Artist), the Church of Cannabis in Colorado, Kevin of Champs, Vegas Cannabis Magazine, toured grow facilities in Las Vegas, worked on design and marketing projects, have lists of Dispensary Contacts, as well as influencers in the industry, and I work for an app company called Blenddy. I currently work for a Cannabis Tech Company, so I know the industry issues well.

I understand the extreme difference in marketing in the Cannabis industry, due to restrictions. Most in marketing and sales do not understand the restrictions, and therefore, limitations that Cannabis Businesses face in this marketing arena. From understanding traditional marketing personas and targeting, to weaving through various keywords and images that are restricted in our industry, I have a vast knowledge and network of people in the industry that I am connected with to maximize marketing campaign goals.

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